Collagen Lifting Facial Kit with Marli's EDA Revitalizing Moisturizer 56.7g

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Smooth, correct, brighten, tighten, lift, firm, and detoxify all at once. The best Anti-aging mask you will ever use!

The Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial will make skin appear brighter, healthier, and younger with the first application. The unique blend of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals PLUS the benefits of Aloe Vera work together to attack such common aging issues such as:


This rejuvenates the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves the skin bright and radiant.

The Kit Contains one Face Lift Powder, one Face Lift Liquid, and one Marli Revitalizing EDA Moisturizer.

Each Kit will give approximately 25-30 lifting facials

After Application                                    Before Application

Marli's Facelift raises eyebrows and plumps age lines around the brow and forehead.  
It refines and restores elasticity in troubled areas.  
It fills in frown and smile lines and firms up your jaw line and neck giving your entire face and neck a more youthful appearance.  
You will see results after the very first use and the effects can be seen for up to 4 days.
Marli' Facelift works by creating a smooth mask that will
lift and firm face and neck.
The mask also contracts the under lying muscles to stimulates
blood circulation in the face and neck.
This rejuvenates the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells
leaving the skin bright and radiant.
The effects of the kit are cummulative.
Using the facelift kit twice a week will greatly decrease small lines and winkles and give your face and neck a increased elasticity.

How Does The Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial Work?

Signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles are usually the result of poor muscle tone.

**The most important function of the Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial is to tone up and contract the underlying muscles of the face and neck. When used regularly, (2 – 3 times a week for 4-12 weeks, then weekly thereafter), the Collagen Face Lift Facial will help restore and recondition the tone and elasticity of both the skin and the muscles to provide a firmer, more youthful appearance. Like exercising for your body, this provides the same benefits for you face and neck.

**The second most important function of the Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial is to stimulate the skin’s blood supply to stimulate new cell growth and speed up nature’s normal process of elimination of dead skin cells. With a good blood supply to stimulate new cell growth, the color of the skin is revitalized and LARGE PORES ARE MINIMIZED. 

  After you have completed your facial, apply Marli's Revitalizing EDA Moisturizer after the mask and every morning and night after you cleanse your face. Using this moisturizer each morning and night between your Collagen Facial applications will continue to help improve your skin’s tone, color, and elasticity and boost the mask’s effects between facial applications because it is formulated with Elastin, Collagen, Aloe, and vitamins E, D, & A.


 Maintaining Your Refreshed Look

The effects of the Marli Collagen Face Lift Facial will last for up to 4 days between use and the effects are cumulative. To achieve optimal results, use the facial 2 to 3 times a week for 4 to 12 weeks (depending upon your age and skin condition). Once the optimum level of improvement is obtained, the lift can be applied once a week to maintain a refreshed, youthful glow to your skin. Remember, cleansing and moisturizing every morning and night between facials will help maintain optimal results.

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