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Make you eyebrows fuller, thicker and darker

We are elated to tell you what we think could very well be the best news for your eyebrows in a long time. iBrow eyebrow serum has been titled the miracle worker for getting thicker eyebrows. We have engineered a product that empowers the growth of hair in your skin that over time gets temporarily spoiled by dirt and pollution.

  • IBrow eyebrow serum works almost like an eyebrow pen that spurts a revitalizing serum for thicker eyebrows
  • The sensation owing to popular consumer reviews is embalming.
  • Some have even claimed to notice a difference in feeling almost instantly. This use due to all the natural processing and infusion of organic nutrients that the skin above the eyes often lacks in. 

In a time when people have no time for themselves we have come up with the fastest and easiest solution for one of the most important areas of your face. Being busy may often make you forget about doing what is necessary to keep the eyebrows from taking any more damage in the heat and pollution. That is why we have designed an ingenious serum that you can use without giving away the secret. You can finally stop worrying about when to apply the serum for the fear of other noticing. We are well aware of how irritating it might get for you if anybody kept prying you over what you’ve been putting on your eyebrows. 

  • IBrow eyebrow serum weighs 4.8ml making it ridiculously easy to carry. You may sometimes overlook but there is nothing more harmful for those eyebrows than exposing them to constant heat and dirt. 
  • iBrow eyebrow serum is made with such nutrients and organic minerals that not only provides an instant shield against the harmful rays of the sun but also a nourishing bed of lotion that protects the hair from the damage done by dirt.

Truth be told the serum can be said to be a gift from the Gods to recover the hidden beauty in mortals. If you understand how human interaction works you’d know better than anybody else that non-verbal communication is what brings two people together for the first time. And the only tools for bringing such an interaction to fruition lie in a person’s glance. For the eyes to successfully be the windows to the soul the drapery will have to be equally evocative. And that is exactly what iBrow eyebrow serum does for your eyes that beautiful blinds do for windows. It naturally enhances the quantum of beauty in the eyes of the beholder. 

Lauded by Scandinavian Cosmetics iBrow eyebrow serum has come to be highly regarded in the community for quick and certain results within days of applying. You would have to try it for yourself to realize the perfection that it promises for your eyebrows. For the best results use it with iLash eyelash serum as it would highlight the essence of your eyebrows in addition to imparting a mesmerizing gleam to the eyes for others to admire and you to feel good about.

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