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Non-peroxide, Approved Teeth Whitening - 14 day treatment

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This Teeth Whitening pen can help you whiten your teeth at home in no time.

The Teeth Whitening pen is our most popular teeth whitening product. It can help you to get white and shiny teeth quickly. The whitening pen does not contain any peroxide so that you can use it regularly without doing any damage to your teeth. The active ingredient in this product is sodium perborate which is an oxidizing agent that helps in removing old stains on the tooth enamel. It acts as a bleaching agent to remove the stubborn spots caused by the consumption of caffeine related items like sodas, colas, tea and coffee. The yellowing of teeth which is a result of constant smoking can also be treated with the help of this pen which contains the teeth whitening gel. Sodium perborate has antiseptic properties too so it can act as a disinfectant to kill the germs. 

How to use white one whitening pen?

To get instant white teeth, you need to twist the teeth whitening pen and rub the gel that appears on its tip on the teeth directly and gently. The whole enamel area of the teeth should be covered. There is no need to immediately rinse the mouth after application because it needs time to work. You need to keep your mouth open for thirty seconds for the gel to settle. It is recommended that you should not eat or drink anything for at least half an hour after the application of this gel. You can rinse your mouth after thirty minutes. This teeth whitening process needs to be done after the daily brushing of teeth is over. 

This product is meant for giving you instant white teeth in case you need attend some event and want bright and shiny teeth in two minutes. However, a regular use of this product is necessary to see lasting effects. You should make this teeth whitening pen a part of your oral care regime. Making use of the pen twice daily for at least a period of fourteen days to see a miraculous transformation. Your smile is your most precious asset so you need to make regular use of the product to get permanent white teeth.

If you are looking for products for teeth whitening online, then this is your best option. You can buy whitening product and teeth whitening kit here to further enhance the whiteness of your teeth.

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